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Got a complex challenge for us? In close cooperation with you, we can develop the right solution and master any challenge.

Success with tradition

Here at the Kunert Group we long ago committed ourselves to reliability and long-term relationships with customers. Together with our customers we have gained experience and we have grown. Today, 1900 employees at 16 sites in Europe and Asia are working to find solutions for your requirements. Each year our staff produce 300,000 tonnes of cores, edge protectors and corrugated cardboard packaging as well as 250,000 tonnes of core board.

Our credo as a family-run company is ‘Continuity instead of short-term strategy’. That is why already the fourth generation has been focusing on independent development work and a solution-oriented corporate culture. We view ourselves not as a mere production plant but as a customer-oriented service provider. You are our focus and you set the standards which we commonly transform into solutions..


“ We offer our customers more than high-quality items from a wide range of products. We provide strong service, customised solutions and continuous forward thinking. ”
Schwarz-weiß Portrait von Firmengründer Alois Paul

How it all began…

In the late 19th century, Germany was on the threshold of becoming an industrial society, with growing affluence and innovative thinking the prevailing attitude. Gripped by entrepreneurial spirit, in 1893 Alois Paul launched his cardboard box manufacturing company in Eulau in the Sudetenland region, today in the Czech Republic. Together with his son-in-law Karl Kunert he quickly turned the family business into a highly efficient industrial operation. Corrugated cardboard had already become part of the product range shortly after the turn of the century and from the 1920’s the company also offered paper cores.

Zeichnung des Unternehmens für Hülsen, Kantenschutz, Verpackungen aus Wellpappe und Hülsenkarton Paul & Co in Eulau

Unbroken entrepreneurial spirit

At the end of WWII, some 14 million Germans were forced to leave their homes, either as deportees or refugees. The end of the war also marked a decisive point in the Kunert Group’s history. The Kunert family were expropriated and expelled from Eulau. 250 employees were left behind. The entrepreneurial spirit of their ancestors was, however, also deeply engrained in Karl Kunert’s sons. In 1948, they rebuilt the company – initially as Wellpappen & Kartonagenfabrik Paul & Co in a closed down skittle alley in Bad Neustadt and later as Paul & Co, Inh. K. Kunert & Söhne in Wildflecken in the Rhön region, today’s headquarters for the production of paper cores.


Alois Paul

Alois Paul launches cardboard box production in Eulau in the Sudetenland region, today in the Czech Republic.


Paul&Co Werk Eulau

Expropriation and expulsion of the Kunert family from Eulau. The factory with 250 employees is left behind.


Paul & Co in Oberwildflecken

Rebuilding of the company as Paul & Co in Oberwildflecken.


Kunert Wellpappe Bad Neustadt

Kunert Wellpappe is founded by brothers Anton, Karl and Walter Kunert in Bad Neustadt.


Produktionsstätte für Hartpapierhülsen im oberbayerischen Peiting

A further production site for paper cores is opened in Peiting, Upper Bavaria.


Kunert Soest

A new core production plant is built in Soest in the Westphalia region.


Kunert Wellpappe Biebesheim

The Kunert Group acquires the corrugated paper factory in Biebesheim.


Hülsenfabrik Rupperswil

The Rupperswil core factory in Switzerland, known today under the name Lenzhard, is acquired.

Hülsenproduktionsstätte Wedderstedt

Acquisition of the Wedderstedt core production site in Saxony-Anhalt.


Paul & Co Austria

Acquisition of the Paul & Co core factory in Breitenau, Austria.


Purchase of the Beillard core factory in La Talaudière, France.

Beillard St. Hilaire

Purchase of the Beillard core factory in St. Hilaire, France.


Paul & Co Asia

A Paul & Co works is built in Indonesia.



Acquisition of the Halaspack core factory in Kiskunhalas, Hungary.

Paul & Co Slovensko

Acquisition of the Paul & Co Slovensko core factory in Ružomberok.


Another Paul & Co plant is opened in Bangkok.


Acquisition of Papeteries du Rhin in Illzach, France.


Paul & Co Wildflecken

Paul & Co Wildflecken following several extensions to the site


Carl Macher

Acquisition of Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere in Brunnenthal near Hof


Paul & Co Asia

Inauguration of our new plant in Chonburi near Pattaya (in leased premises)


Carl Macher

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new logistics building for paper mill Carl Macher

Kunert Wellpappe Bad Neustadt

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new logistics centre in Bad Neustadt


Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard

Merger of Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard with Cartub AG

New plant in Thailand

Inauguration of the new plant in Tambon Takiantia, near Chonburi, Thailand

Challenges sought

Our goal is your satisfaction. We view ourselves as more than just a mere producer of cores, corrugated cardboard packaging, edge protectors and core board. In fact, we see ourselves as your advisor and first port of call. Together with you we can develop customised solutions, tailor-made to meet your requirements and wishes. Furthermore, we are your active partner when it comes to successfully managing your production and logistics processes. Our objective is to develop a close, long-term cooperative relationship with you. Which is why we continue to focus on trusting partnerships, in-depth advice, many years of experience and reliable products. Together we can master any challenge.

Going forward we will continue to do more than “just” deliver products. Instead we will actively support you in handling every challenge concerning your production and logistics processes. We will not disappoint the trust which you, as a customer of many years, have placed in us. You and your specific needs are our top priority – now and in the future.