Quality management

Mitarbeiter prüft Qualität der Hülsen mit Maßband

Quality management

When placing your order you are also placing your trust in us. We in turn give you the certainty of a perfect production flow when we supply our cores, edge protection solutions and corrugated cardboard packaging. How do we manage to do this? Thanks to active quality management. 

We use state-of-the-art, standardised machines at all our sites to manufacture our products. This enables us to achieve a high degree of process reliability, transparent workflows and, as a result, uniformly high quality standards at all Kunert Group production sites in Europe and Asia. Internal quality checks based on standardised inspection plans and specifications ensure even greater reliability. 

In addition to consistent product quality, our customers also expect us to deliver the highest possible degree of supply reliability. Highly qualified employees are the most decisive factor to ensure this. That is why we continuously invest in in-house training and development programmes.

Ausgedruckte Zertifikate zum Qualitätsmanagement

Certified reliability

  • All Kunert Group paper core, corrugated cardboard and core board production sites are ISO 9001 certified.
  • Our in-house testing laboratories – certified by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing – at our corrugated cardboard plants ensure the optimum quality of our packaging.

Environmental management

Baum im Sommer auf einer grünen Wiese in einer gesunden Umwelt

Environmental management

When producing our cores, edge protectors, corrugated cardboard packaging and core board we consistently focus on your requirements. This is why quality, hygiene and environment-friendliness of Kunert Group products are so important to us. We are a paper converting corporate group which stands for active environmental management. This includes economical use of natural resources and the reduction of environmental pollution caused by noise, emissions, creation of dust and waste water. 

Moreover, as a matter of course, our core specialists at Paul & Co and our experts for corrugated cardboard and packaging at Kunert Wellpappe are committed to implementing measures specifically designed to protect the environment.

Kantenschutz mit ausgedrucktem RESY Zeichnen

We set environmental standards

By your decision for Kunert Group products you are also making a contribution to environmental protection. Because it lies in the nature of our products that our cores, edge protectors and corrugated cardboard packaging are far superior to their plastic competitors. Why? Because our products are manufactured 100% from renewable raw materials, they are fully recyclable and impress with an above-average ratio of waste paper.

The Kunert Group is a member of the RESY recycling system – a strong alliance of corrugated cardboard manufacturers, waste paper disposal companies and producers of containerboard. By printing the RESY symbol on our corrugated cardboard packaging and edge protectors we guarantee that they can be recycled as well as disposed of and re-used by our partners at the Organisation für Wertstoffentsorgung GmbH (RESY).

Ausgedruckte Zertifikate zum Umweltmanagement

Certified sustainability

We aim to achieve full ISO 14001 environmental certification. Currently the central functions at Paul & Co Wildflecken, as well as the plants Kunert Soest, Kunert Wedderstedt, Kunert Peiting, Paul & Co Thailand, Kunert Wellpappe Bad Neustadt, Kunert Wellpappe Biebesheim, Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere and Papeteries du Rhin are already certified according to the standard.

Energy management

Ab- und Zuleitungsrohre am Werk der Kunert Gruppe in Wildflecken

Energy management

Together with our employees we are developing systematic energy-saving measures which are being applied in all corporate divisions. Our goal is to consolidate our market position while simultaneously protecting the environment. 

From procurement to production and maintenance to investment we focus on economical use of energy. When it comes to our products you can thus be sure that we think of efficient energy management and focus on sustainable energy-saving and environment-friendly manufacturing. 

We measure and monitor the energy consumption of our machinery and processes on a regular basis in order to identify and correspondingly optimise the potential for energy savings in our paper core, edge protector, corrugated cardboard packaging and core board manufacturing. If you decide to work together with us, you can be sure that our products have been manufactured sustainably and in an energy-saving and environment-friendly manner.

As the environment is also important to us when it comes to energy procurement, we only purchase green electricity at all our German paper core and corrugated board plants.

Ausgedruckte Zertifikate zum Energiemanagement

Certified efficiency

  • Recording of the energy sources and energy consumers deployed plus confirmation of a management system to improve energy efficiency by TÜV SÜD.
  • In 2015 we introduced an energy management system based on the globally valid standard ISO 50001 for our six sites in Germany. Our core board producer Carl Macher also has this certification.
  • Confirmed by the green electricity certificate from KlimaInvest Green Concepts GmbH.

Hygiene management

Wasserhahn mit fließendem Wasser als Zeichen für aktives Hygienemanagement

Hygiene management

No matter what industry – our customers request consistently high product quality. This is exactly what we are able to guarantee thanks to our transparent, continuously monitored manufacturing processes. Particularly in sensitive segments such as the food or pharmaceutical industries, where hygiene is decisive, you need a partner you can rely on. We are that partner.

All Kunert Group production sites manufacture products according to high hygiene standards. In factory areas which manufacture products for the pharmaceutical and hygiene industry, we also have regular microbiological checks of our products on their hygiene-technical safety carried out by an independent institute. The protection of hygiene in production areas and continuous training of our employees are a given for us. We do not only want to be sure that our products are safe but also that you feel safe when using them.

Ausgedruckte Zertifikate zum Hygienemanagement

Certified cleanliness

  • We produce cores with specially treated surfaces used for high-grade plastic films in production areas which are BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials certified. This includes compliance with the food industry’s hygiene requirements for packaging.
  • Paul & Co Asia and the Lenzhard paper core factory are certified according to ISO 22000, the global management system for food safety.