Paul & Co at ICE 2017

Simple initial winding for film and rounded inside edges to avoid dust formation

Fair Trade ICE 2017

In future, film manufacturers will be able to start winding without adhesive tape or other support. The “Tack High Cores” for film which will be presented by Paul & Co at the trade fair ICE in Munich, are completely equipped with a self-adhesive surface that can be activated with water when required. The user can define whether the adhesive effect shall be activated over the entire surface or only partially: Just moisten the desired surface with water from a spray can and the film can be attached. Corrections can be made easily: If the film does not fit correctly, it can be removed and repositioned without reducing the adhesion. 

The user determines the adhesive effect by the quantity of the sprayed water. Without moistening, the surface of the core remains smooth and does not stick. “Temperature and air humidity do not affect the adhesion,” says Manfred Kunert, Managing Partner of Paul & Co. “In addition to simplified handling, the main advantage is improved cleanliness: Dust pick-up - in particular when the paper cores are cut - is almost impossible because the adhesive force will be activated only immediately before use. As the adhesive tape is eliminated there will be no more markings on the material to be wound.”

Less dust, clean production – also the cores with rounded inside edges provide added value in terms of hygiene to manufacturers of film and other sensitive winding materials. “Users of surface refined paper cores will particularly benefit from our novelty,” says Kunert. “The dust formation on the sensitive inside edges, created when pushing the core onto the winding shaft would have serious damaging effects.”   
Paul & Co offers this processing for paper cores with different surfaces and up to a length of 3.80 m.”

Paul & Co has been established in 1893 and produces a wide range of paper cores: From standard versions for different reeled goods to high-performance cores for paper and surface refined cores for highly sensitive films and foils. Furthermore, packaging with system belongs to our product range: e.g. angular edge protectors and edge protectors for reels, flat profiles or U-profiles. The Kunert Group is member of a worldwide partnership-network. Annually, the employees produce 210,000 tonnes of paper cores and edge protectors, as well as more than 225,000 tonnes of core board. In addition to vocational training in the commercial, technical or industrial sector, Paul & Co offers internships for pupils and students and cooperates with universities for degree theses in the fields of paper and board, paper cores and logistics.

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