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Innovative Packaging Solutions and Comprehensive Consulting Competence

Fair Trade FachPack 2016

What do online shopping, worldwide transportation of screws, bolts or electronic components, and crates of beer all have in common? What are “paper core killers” anyway, and – more importantly – how can you take action to fight them?
The Kunert Group will be answering these questions at FachPack, the European specialist trade fair for packaging, technology, processing, and logistics. Specialists from the corporate group will be presenting its services in the areas of paper cores, edge protectors, corrugated board packaging and core board.

Paul & Co: Experience and consulting competence to fight back against “paper core killers”
Whether in the the films and foils, paper, metal or textile industries: Paper cores have to stand up to multiple stresses during winding, transportation, storage, and unwinding. That is why Paul & Co offers customised paper cores at the highest level of quality. But that is not all: Once they are optimised, paper cores also need to be cut precisely in a dust-free process – and that is just what the paper core specialists from Wildflecken do, thousands of times every day. They know how different types of paper cores will interact with various cutting knives, blades and rotational speeds of different cutting machines. “We are happy to share our experience with our customers, if they want to cut their paper cores themselves,” says Christoph Schmitt, Head of R&D at Paul & Co. The company offers customers a special service for this purpose: They can use the cutting centre in Wildflecken to test their paper cores on different cutting machines together with Paul & Co experts. Customers can visit the facility after setting up an individual appointment, or they can participate in special seminar dates.

“We want our customers to receive the perfect paper core and benefit from competent advice as well. This also includes providing our knowledge on paper core cutting and on which cutting machine is best for each particular application. Working with our customers in the cutting centre is part of this service”, explains Christoph Schmitt. He adds: “When we are out in the field, we sometimes see paper cores with awful cutting results – fallen victim to technically inadequate cutting machines. We put a stop to these “paper core killers” with our experience and consulting competence.”
Paul & Co will be presenting its services at FachPack together with its partner and cutting machine specialist Eberlé SAS, so customers will be able to competently discuss initial questions on cutting paper cores right at the stand.

Paul & Co: Double safety for truck freight
Truck accidents are always horrific. It is all the more tragic if such accidents could easily have been avoided, for instance through ideal load securing. Whether beverages, bulk goods or bagged cargo: the edge protector LS from Paul & Co is a disposable load securing system that provides double protection for truck loads. It offers comprehensive product protection and improves safety at the same time. Advantages include: The number of tension belts can be reduced, since the lashing capacity is better distributed by means of the LS’s rounded corners. This saves time during loading and unloading. The LS stops freight from slipping or falling over in loading areas thus reducing the risk of accidents. It can simply be recycled after use. 

Kunert Wellpappe: Innovative corrugated cardboard packaging solutions:
Whether you need to transport an e-bike unscathed, ship skis from your online shop packed in perfect-fitting, stable and yet lightweight packaging, or send heavy components overseas – the specialists at Kunert Wellpappe develop customised packaging solutions to meet individual requirements. 
They are also sustainable and setting new standards for product marketing. Just take a look at the beer crate made in Biebesheim: Working closely with the customer, Kunert Wellpappe designed and produced the beer crate with a reinforced base and inner dividers combined with double wall corrugated material. This means the customer does not need to use plastic boxes. A special highlight is that the design of the packaging appears to be a nostalgic wooden beverage crate. Kunert recommended this look because it emphasises the authentic, natural “craft” character of the product – and helps create a convincing brand experience at the POS.
At the exhibition stand, specialists from Kunert Wellpappe will be happy to provide you with further examples of industry solutions for automotive and mechanical engineering, electronics and household appliances, as well as for the food and chemicals sectors.

More than an “exhibition newsletter”: Overview of corporate group activities
Personal customer consulting is at the heart of every project of the Kunert Group. Kunert will be outlining some of the results, products, and solutions that have grown from these partnerships and collaborations in its customer newsletter issued at the FachPack. This publication is a great read, even after the exhibition is over: The more than thirty page brochure contains reports on product innovations and services offered, but also includes information on topics like training or locations to give readers a glimpse into the “inner workings” of the international, family-owned company.

Under the Kunert Group umbrella, specialists for paper cores, packaging made from corrugated cardboard, edge protectors and core board work on solutions for requirements from customers from many different industries. The companies Paul & Co, Kunert Wellpappe and the own core board plants employ 1,900 people at 16 sites in Europe and Asia. The family-run company relies on its own development work, a solution-oriented attitude and customer-oriented service.

More information: www.kunertgruppe.com

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